The England You Never Knew

Many people are familiar with the England they see on television and the news media but there are some interesting facts about this European county that are little known and might surprise you.

England, dịch vụ visa anh giá rẻ even though it is regarded as a large country, is less than half the size of America. It is half as small as Australia and thirty percent smaller than Japan. It holds almost three times as many people as Australia and twice as many as the state of California. London has a total population of over twelve million people. It is the largest city in all of Europe and was once the biggest city in the world. With all these people living here, it is no surprise that England consumes more tea than any other place in the world. Its tea consumption far surpasses that of Japan!

From the beginning of the 11th century through the 14th century, the rulers of England spoke French.

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